Bio - About Me - Sue Sitki

I love to capture the moments and events that are unfolding around me.  I'm a bit of a generalist in that so many things fuel my creative passion!

I shoot a lot of sporting events - trail and road running, triathlon, cycling, OCR (to name a few).

It is always a delight to meet couples and families, witnessing the love that surrounds them, be it an intimate wedding or shared with new babies and animal companions. It is truly an honour to be a part of that.   

Pet photography is a huge passion of mine, as I'm an avid animal lover!  Dog sessions are always a joy (I cannot pass a dog on the street without at least talking to them) but as a passionate cat lover, I always delight in meeting and photographing the family felines as well.  

I love the solitude of photographing landscapes and nature (as you will see from my galleries).   

I'm also a big lover of artistic nudes and welcome the opportunity to co-create with others.  

Is there an event or special moment in your lives that you would love to document and preserve forever?  Contact me to discuss at